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early school leavers

The Academy of German World Market Leaders knows about the importance of education and science for the successful work of companies.

The demands on those starting their careers are constantly increasing, which is why it is good and right that digitization, industry 4.0, the MINT subjects, but also foreign language skills are increasingly the focus of the curricula at all general education schools and also at vocational schools.

For years, however, no attention has been paid to those who not only have difficulties in school, but also fail completely: school dropouts.

The latest reports from the ministries of education assume that there are 40,000 to 50,000 school dropouts nationwide every year. This is unacceptable.

We lack skilled workers, demographic change will exacerbate this problem and, last but not least, it is primarily about the young people who, having dropped out of school, have no chance on the job market from the outset and therefore have no prospects.

Education is the social issue of the 21st century.

Education is a basic requirement for the success of our companies; National and international.

That is why the Academy of German World Market Leaders took the initiative and went to the PH Weingarten, where I was Dr. Walter Döring is a member of the University Council, where Professor Cordula Löffler has been dealing with the topic of literacy for years.

The Academy of World Market Leaders and die  are now working togetherPH Weingarten  in a study on early school leavers.

The aim is to scientifically record the reasons for dropping out of school, to counteract these with the results and findings from the study, in order to reduce the number of school dropouts   in the medium and long term, the opportunities and prospects of young people and to recruit skilled workers for the labor market.

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